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The Studebaker Skytop Registry
Skytop Pictures - Ads, Brochures, & Factory Photos

The two Skytop Pictures pages are a 'first shot' at presenting the huge number of Skytop images that have been collected in the past 5 years. If the image was provided by a specific person or Internet source, that is noted with the picture. On most images, the smaller image can be clicked to open a new window with a larger sized image.

Of course, any Skytop contributions are always welcome!! Cars you own, cars you owned years ago, ads, factory photos, etc. If you have an image to contribute, please email us at

Studebaker Skytop 'Factory' Pictures, Brochures, and Ads
1961 -----------
An elegant 1961 Lark Hardtop, contributed by Richard Quinn:
Factory '61 hardtop

A 1961 four-door.....could this be the Engineering-built 1961 Regal prototype that Ed Reynolds talks about on the 'Skytop Stories' page?
Factory '61 four door

An unusual 1961 item, from the Richard Quinn Collection, showing a Lark Hardtop in a beautiful marina setting, on the cover of the June 1961 Studebaker News. (The cover description from inside the June 1961 issue is shown at the right.)  Note the similarity to the November 1961 Studebaker News article further down the page.......same picture, but with the bulk of the car cropped out so it's harder to tell that it's a '61.
Studebaker News June 1961 cover photo

A beautiful photo of what appears to the be the same '61 Lark VI four-door as several of the other a playground scene. Compare the woman and little girl with the photo of this same car in the lake scene. This photo, along with many other unique items, was contributed by Studebaker historian Richard Quinn.
'61 Lark IV 4-door in playground scene

A scan from a factory brochure showing a beautiful Autumn Haze-color '61 Lark hardtop, contributed by Michael Bostedt:
'61 Lark hardtop with horse

1962 ----------
A green 1962 Daytona Hardtop from the '62 Factory brochure, courtesy of Michael Bostedt. This same picture was used in several of the '62 factory brochures:
'62 green Daytona from factory brochure

A great article from the November 1961 Studebaker News, from the Richard Quinn Collection, describing the Skytop option available for 1962 Lark sedans and hardtops:
1962 Skytop Article Studebaker News 11/61

From the '1962 Lark Taxi by Studebaker' Canadian brochure (F1207C), a Special Deluxe Lark "Sky-Top" Taxi is shown as an option. Note that this same picture appears in the 'New Purpose-Built LARK TAXI' USA brochure PD 62-03, with the heading, but the following description - "Get the full beauty treatment with small extra cost - full trim outside, and special sunroof (optional) which slides open over driver's & passenger's compartment! It's the dream cab of all time - particularly, profitwise!"
Taxi Sky-Top from '62 Taxi brochure

A unique advertisement (yes, I know it's not "factory") from Rexall Drugs, contributed by Michael
Bostedt. Note that the contest is over, so please do not try to enter.......

'62 Daytona ad Rexall Drugs

Another colorful factory advertisement, this one appearing in LIFE magazine, showing a 1962 Lark Daytona Skytop. Image courtesy of Michael Bostedt:
1962 Life magazine factory ad

The back page of the 1962 'large' factory brochure PD-62-08 featured an unusual view of this Lark Hardtop:
'62 Hardtop from PD-62-08 brochure back page

A scan from the 1962 'medium' size factory brochure PD-62-09 -- 'big car comfort'.......and lots of headroom with a Skytop:
'62 Lark medium size brochure PD-62-09

1963 -------------
Possibly one of the most beautiful Studebaker factory photographs.......this is a scan of the Daytona Hardtop section of the 'large' 1963 factory brochure (PD 63-14). This same image was used in several brochures and a postcard also. The facing page of the brochure with details (and another view of a Skytop roof) is just below. Note the move from predominately illustrations in the 1962 brochures, to many more photographs in the 1963 brochures.
'63 Daytona factory photo PD 63-14 brochure
'63 Daytona factory brochure PD 63-14

Skytop information from the 1963 Studebaker 'Features and Facts Folio' (sometimes referred to as a "Dealer Fact Book"). Note the unusual use of the hyphen in Sky-Top.
'63 Dealer Facts Info

A 'collage' of factory black & white photos of a 1963 Daytona Hardtop with Skytop. Unfortunately, we at this time do not have access to originals of these photos to provide high resolution, large images.
Collage of factory '63 Daytona photos

Again, not a Skytop-specific item, but a neat item anyway. This is a foil-type sticker apparently used by Studebaker salesmen, and is shown actual size:
'63 'You Owe It To Yourself' sticker

A colorful partial scan of 1961 brochure PD-61-15:

1961 Factory Ad

What appears to be the same picture as in the left column, but with the background and lady airbrushed out, from the Richard Quinn Collection:
'61 Lark VI 4-door

The description from inside the June 1961 Studebaker News, detailing the cover picture shown at the left. Courtesy of the Richard Quinn Collection.
Studebaker News June 1961 cover description

Neat factory ad featuring a '61 Lark from the April 1961 issue of MOTOR, courtesy of Paul Warta:
'61 Lark ad from Motor magazine

A Budd Company (who supplied some major body stampings to Studebaker) advertisement, using the same 1962 Daytona and occupants as to the left. This image was provided by Michael Bostedt:
1962 Budd ad

A 1962 Regal Hardtop from the '62 Factory brochure (PD-62-08):
'62 Regal from factory brochure

Another great article from the Studebaker News, this time Dec '61, from the Richard Quinn Collection:
'62 Taxi article from Dec '61 Studebaker News

A great factory advertisement for a 1962 Daytona, with an unique setting. Is that Mr. Ed at the top of the ad? It doesn't say so, but remember that Studebaker was sponsoring the Mr. Ed TV show in '62. Image courtesy of Michael Bostedt.
'62 red Daytona Hardtop with Mr. Ed

The same drawing of this green Daytona Hardtop was used in several of the '62 factory brochures:
1962 Factory brochure scan

Alan Young and Connie Hines, the stars of CBS-TV's "Mr. Ed" show, with the '62 Lark Skytop. As Mr. Ed would say,  "It's plain good horse sense to see, price and test-drive the one car that offers Big Car Comfort at compact prices - the beautifully styled '62 Lark by Studebaker. It's a real thoroughbred."
1962 Daytona with Mr. Ed factory postcard

A scan of a 1962 Hardtop at a marina, from the 'Special Report on the '62 Lark by Studebaker', PD 62-23. (Compare this picture with the pictures above from the June & November 1961 issues of Studebaker News.)
'62 Daytona from PD 20-62 brochure

An invitation card to the 1962 Lark 'special preview showing'........not Skytop specific, but still neat!
1962 Lark Introduction Preview Invitation Card

A great factory 'Press Release' photo of a 1963 Daytona Hardtop, with the narrative from the Studebaker Public Relations Department immediately below. This image was taken from an original photo loaned by Bill Pressler:
'63 Daytona Hardtop press release photo
'63 Daytona press release writeup

A factory photo, in black & white, of a 1963 Daytona Hardtop. This photo was used in numerous factory items in 1963:
'63 Daytona factory B&W picture

The image below was not originally a Skytop item.....the seldom-seen factory ad is real, but the Skytop was added by Matthew Burnette using PhotoShop. It is a unique ad, and the car looks so much better with the Skytop added!
'63 Daytona 'Q-car' ad with photoshopped Skytop

Coming of surviving Skytops on the 'Skytop Pictures - Surviving Cars' page!!

Questions or comments? Please contact us at