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Skytop Links

The following are various links to Skytop-related items on the Net. If you know of other Skytop-related links that can be added to this page, or find any of these links broken, please notify the Webmaster at

Did Golde really supply the Studebaker Skytop components?
Besides the interior handle that has 'GOLDE' stamped into it, there is pretty good circumstantial evidence here.....scroll to the 1962 Golde letter at the bottom of this page:

Golde History Links:
Corporate 'descendant' of the Golde company:
ArvinMeritor sunroof products:
ArvinMeritor history and product lines:

Golde '50s-'60s Brochures:
Copies of Golde brochures from the late ‘50s-early ‘60s can be seen on the Ford Thunderbird 'Squarebirds' site at:
More copies of Golde brochures and ads can be seen on the 56-59 Karmann Ghia Registry at:

Currently Available Fabric Folding Sunroofs:
Some currently available fabric sliding sunroofs are here, I am sure there are more suppliers:

Technical Items:
This is a Must See!!! A really cool Golde “Instructions No. 4 for installation of GOLDE – Sliding roof with steel frame” is scanned in its entirety on the 56-59 Karmann Ghia Registry at:, scroll down on the page.

Volkswagen fabric sliding sunroof parts are available at:, although I do not know whether these are for Golde or Webasto sunroofs.

Selected 'General' Studebaker Sites:
The Studebaker Drivers Club website:
Studebaker NewsGroup:
1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk Owners Register:
The JET THRUST News site, dedicated to Avanti-powered Larks and Hawks:
The interactive JET THRUST News 'Forum' site:
A website dedicated to the 1958 Packard Hawk, including a listing of surviving cars and a picture gallery:
The North Carolina SDC website……great technical info:
Racing Studebakers:
Studebaker National Museum:
List of Studebaker Parts & Service Vendors:
Bob Johnstone's HUGE Studebaker & Avanti resource site:
An interactive website for all Classic Car enthusiasts world-wide:

Studebaker Registries site for '53/'54 C-Ks, '55 Speedsters, '63 Daytonas, and Wagonaires:

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